Current research indicates that 95% of new products to market fail, 90% of startups fail, and 90% of scale ups fail. Intrapreneurship is an attitude; innovation management is a process. 

The final chapter of 7 Strata of Intrapreneurial Organizations provides an innovation implementation roadmap and gated stages for a startup, or for moving a new product development initiative through the innovation funnel. The goal of the innovation management framework is not just to implement agile and ambidextrous growth, but to transform the core business into an Intrapreneurial Organization, realized in the final stage to reshape the core.

A top-down, systematic, and research-oriented approach to idea generation, assessment, and selection can reduce risk and increase the probability of selecting ideas for the innovation funnel with the highest potential for success and scalability. 

A bottom-up, research-oriented, customer-centric, and evidence-based approach will help to validate concept desirability, viability, and scalability before investing to build and launch a minimum viable product. 

Validating the business model, sales model, industrialization feasibility, and market demand with product-market fit will be critical before scaling. Scaling up will require a plan for rapidly scaling infrastructure and capital to race across the chasm from the early adopter market to the mainstream market while being targeted by mainstream providers and pursued by fast followers. 

Success will impact reshaping the core and reinventing the organization. The innovation implementation road map provides guidance and proven processes to reduce risk and failure, inform decision-making and resource allocations, and confidently navigate the gated stages of the innovation funnel.

CONDUCT THE ASSESSMENT: Use the Innovation Management Quotient (IMQ) Assessment to identify current gaps and opportunities for managing the end-to-end innovation process from ideation to scaling up a validated venture for impact and reshaping the core business to thrive in the digital age.

“Managing innovation will increasingly become a challenge to management, especially to top management, and a touchstone of its competence.

— Peter Drucker, author, management consultant”